Concordia: The cornerstone for success

Concordia University Portland logoThe foundation for the law school is rooted in the home campus of Concordia University, a fixture in Portland, Oregon, for more than 100 years. The private, liberal arts university started as a training seminary for the Lutheran church, before becoming a junior college after World War II. The Concordia University-Portland of today is a full-scale, four-year liberal arts Christian university with graduate programs and an enrollment of more than 3,500 students, making it the fastest growing university in the state. Concordia University-Portland is one of ten universities operated by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Bringing Concordia to Boise

For years, Boise remained one of the only state capitals in the United States without a law school. The city contains the majority of Idaho's law firms, attorneys, and judicial institutions, but lacked a law school to match the dynamic environment, and prepare the next generation of legal talent.

"Concordia established a program which will shape all legal education in the future. It's a blend of the standard classroom education with practical skills in a way that allows long-standing law school traditions to remain while providing for the needs of today's students."
 Concordia Law Student

In 2007, when this fact came to the attention of several Concordia University board members – all distinguished lawyers, many with connections to Idaho – and university president Charles Schlimpert, they asked the question, "Why not start a law school in Boise?"

Thanks to visionary leadership from Dean Cathy Silak, unprecedented hard work and determination from the Dean's Advisory Council, and generous financial support from long-time Boise resident (and Concordia benefactor) George R. White, the Concordia University School of Law welcomed its first class in the fall of 2012.

A visionary approach

Today, Concordia University School of Law is proud to be part of a new vision for Boise. It's a growth in ethics, a growth in educational opportunities, and a strengthening of the civic infrastructure that will help change and improve the community and region we proudly call home.